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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well, we got a couple of pictures of the kids taken at a hoyty-toyty photography shop. THEY.ARE.AMAZING. And really expensive. We actually got a free sitting a 8x10 as a promotion through a children's store, otherwise we wouldn't even have been able to afford that. If you interested, and have some cash laying around that you didn't get a chance to burn, here's the link. The name you need to enter is Currie Jackson.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dad's Night

I got the chance to go to a Father's night at Rylie's preschool the other night. It was really pretty fun. Her teacher (Ms. Leek) and the teacher's assistant (also named Ms. Leek) were very nice and took us through an abbreviated day to show us all the stuff they do.

Everyone has one of a series of jobs every day. For example there's the weather person, whose job it is to look out the window and tell everyone what the weather is. And the flag person who holds the American flag while they sing a little Pledge-of-Allegiance-like song. There's also a calendar person, wand person (line leader), caboose (line ender), ect. Everyday they rotate so they have always have a new job.

The Spanish teacher showed us how they learn Spanish words using songs. Rylie still refuses to demonstrate her command of the Spanish language, but I know she knows it. I've seen her point out her ojos and el estomacho.

They also had an short Physical Ed class, strangely named MIF (movement is fun). They stretch and balance and chase balloons around the room. It was pretty cute to see 15 four year olds chasing balloons around a church banquet room.

The last thing we did was go back upstairs to their class and look at cards they made us. Each child drew a picture of their father on the front of their card and answered a few questions on the inside (Ms. Leek and Ms. Leek wrote down their answers). Ms. Leek read the cards and the dad's took turns trying to figure out which one was theirs. A teacher reading Rylie's words in front of a group of her classmate's parents: what could possibly go wrong?

Dad's Picture