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Monday, March 27, 2006


This weekend marked the 6th anniversary of our marriage. Suzie, our regular babysitter, picked up the kids in the Saturday morning and took them to see Nemo on Ice. Ted and Sheri took them for the rest of the day and overnight. We thus had one of the rarest occurrences in our marriage, particularly in the last four years: a day to ourselves without the kids.

We went to breakfast with all my inlaws: Ted, Sheri, Brice, and Jodi. Afterwards, Currie and I attempted to walk off our egg and sausage induced stupor with some light shopping, followed by a drink at on the patio of a Plaza restaurant. It was there that we learned a new equation:

freetime + no childrearing responsibility + beautiful spring day + one day after payday + well stocked bar = a vanishing afternoon.

Who would have thought?

We rolled ourselves out of there hours later into the worst possible situation: my judgment was impaired, she was fueled by premium liquor, and we were standing in the retail epicenter of the Midwest. Before I knew it we were bouncing from store to store, starting fitting rooms, finding coordinating accessories, salespeople fluttered around us like flies on a carcass.

Once I was completely shell shocked and she was beautifully adorned, we retired to comfort of a nap. We woke up after dark, already late for our evening plans.

We met up with some friends for the fashion show of a local clothing company. I was very fun, if not the most romantic evening ever envisioned. We followed up with a couple drinks and snacks at our favorite pub with some friends and a new acquaintance Rob. He runs Justice for Children International, so the night was kind of a downer once I asked him about work.

We ended up home, safe and sound, missing our kids around midnight.


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