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Monday, October 24, 2005

Currie came through and bailed me out on this miserable posting drought. She uploaded some pictures.

The first two need a bit of explanation. We have a picture on the fridge of me when I was about six years old. In it I'm sticking my tongue out and doing the na-na-na-na face. In the following pictures, no one prompted Parker, and apparently I didn't have a clue what was going on. Click on the picture for the rest.

Weekend Update

I can hear everyone screaming ‘POST AN UPDATE, ALREADY,’ at their screens. The truth is, there’s just nothing going on. This past weekend we had dinner at Currie’s parents, worked in the yard on Saturday afternoon, and Currie went out Saturday night while I stayed home with the kids and played videogames. Sunday we skipped church, spent the whole day lying around the house, and I played poker at night. In other words we’re living the Ground Hog weekend. I could have posted this any Monday over the past two months.

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Cold

It's cold here. Right now (4:10pm) it's sunny and 54! Tonight were supposed to go downtown for First Fridays and were going to freeze. Hopefully, the cold will keep the crowd down and we can actually find a table and get a drink. Should be the perfect night for a steady stream of irish coffee.

The SCP has a mixed opening that I got a peek at while working with Ryan, but I don't know anything else going on.

I'd promise you a recap tomorrow, but if I leave out all the stuf my mom, step-mom, and mom-in-law can't read, well it's just another boring post.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We're Back

Well, we made it back to the mid-west safely. The wedding was a delight, and the city of Tucson was as welcoming as a traveler could hope (though sadly ugly and hot). I won't bog you down with a play by play, but suffice it to say that we met many wonderful people, drank lots of cheap and free liquor, and danced more then one night away. Our only disappointment was that we couldn't stay longer, and spend more time with our new-found friends.

The children also survived their respective experiences while we were gone. Parker was at Brice and Jodi's and Rylie was at Ted and Sheri's. Not surprisingly, Rylie came home with a couple of new outfits, and Parker came home with a new pop-gun and a picture of him in a NASCAR. I heard that they had fun, but both missed each other and their parents.

My predictions about Currie proved false. She didn't think about the kids much at all throughout the trip (or at least she didn't vocalize to me about it). However, I will note that doesn't mean she stayed away from the appletini.

So today I'm back to work with two hours of jet lag. Small birthday party tomorrow, lots of social activities late in the week including an opening at the SCP and a poker game (read 'no sleep anytime soon').

Trip pics coming soon, hopefully tonight.