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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Phew- those days of being bored are long (LONG) gone. I started this post at 8:38 am, and I'm finishing it at 4:46, with a to-do list 10 items long, fending off calls, and trying to get 2 minutes with my boss. Here are some pics, more tomorrow, gotta go (click on the kissers).

The flickr site seems to be screwed up, and is showing 'no photos' in the slide show. Hopefully it's temporary, but I wanted everyone to know that it's them, not me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One Dollar a Day

As some of you know, Parker has taken to jumping out of his crib. Now, we've had this problem before, but this time it's pretty serious. The solution that my wife has come up with is pretty much what we did when Rylie grew out of her crib: ask everyone we know for money. It worked out well before, so we're trying again.

But this time its better.

I put a 'Make a Donation' button over to the right. This allows any reader to send us the kids any amount of money they want. I'll probably keep the link up beyond the current fund raiser, just in case you ever have more money then you know what to do with.

Stay tuned for pic's later today.

Friday, June 24, 2005

What are the chances?

Originally uploaded by gladdad.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Update

We had a lovely fathers day weekend, spending most of Sunday at the Bertram/DeBois/Jackson all-in-one fathers day get together. Brice and Jody hosted lunch for her parents, her sister and brother-in-law, their two small children, his parents (also known as my in-laws), his sister and her family (also known as us). We had a nice lunch, but my cheesy Mexican rice got mixed reviews.

Friday, I took the day off from the Bank and did some work for C&G. That night we dumped the kids at their grandparents and went camping. Now, were not really 'outdoors' people, but some friends twisted our arms. The thing that's neat about camping is the fire; the only bad thing is everything else. I got a million bug bites including two ticks. We didn't get any sleep because Currie was afraid the deer outside our tent were going to trample us. The after dark entertainment consisted of playing telephone with people we didn't know (you know- telephone: the children's game where you sit in a circle and pass a phrase around. WOOOO!). The sun rises really early and the birds scream at you till you get up. We decided that it was the last time were going camping. EVER.

Saturday we got back into civilization and showered. We showered all afternoon. Then we picked up our kids and went to Old Navy and got some pizza. We were very glad to be out of the woods.

Now your up-to-date.

Unfortunately, we don' t have any pictures because we've exceeded our flickr account upload limit. I'll get a pro account in the next couple of days and put up some more.

UPDATE: I wouldn't know, because I haven't actually seen a pay check, but I was informed that the name or the new company is fact C&G, and not G&C as a previous version of this post indicated

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Because I have absolutely nothing to do today, I'm posting again! I made a small update: there is now a "What The Kids Are Saying" section on the sidebar. I've been compiling a list of aural humors, and I'll post those safe for public consumption (my mom reads this site).

One Flag over Missouri

Over the weekend we got a kiddy pool from Wallmart and put it under the slide. Though it may not be Joyland, it's been keeping the kids busy over the weekend. The requisite pictures are available by clicking on the dancing girl below.

Let me know what you think of the slideshow vs. posting the prictures directly to this site.

Friday, June 10, 2005

2nd Place is the 1st Loser

I'd like to cordially welcome my sister to the blogisphere. Please visit her site and tell her how much you love it. It must be pretty hard, ya know, constantly lagging behind your younger brother. But she's probably used to it at this point.

A bit of housekeeping: anonymous comments are back. Apparently, anonymity is at a premium with this crowd, because we've had one single comment since I made commenters register. The message you should take from this is one my wife learned long ago: if you don't like something I'm doing, just with-hold something I want and I'll totally change my mind.


Friday, June 03, 2005


Rylie recently figured out the mechanics of her tricycle. She rides it up and down the street ALL DAY LONG, with Parker sometimes riding on the back, sometimes pushing her up the hill.

yes- she is singing in that last one.