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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's an Aer-o-plain

Tomorrow morning Currie and I are off to sunny Tucson, Arizona to witness the marriage of her longtime friend (and my longtime acquaintance) Kimberly Ward. This means that I’ll be spending my birthday in airports, airplanes, a rental car and a cheap hotel. We’re planning on taking the digi cam and the ‘puter, and I’ll do my best to find some family-friendly moments to blog.

Rylie is staying with Currie’s parents while were gone, and Parker is staying with Brice and Jodi. Currie’s worried about Parker, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’m also sure that nothing less then an appletini will make her forget them for any period of time this weekend. She’s in the wedding so she has all kinds of events planned. I however, plan on lying around the hotel in my underwear, reading my new book on poker and drinking cheap beer. FOR FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS.

By the way, last minute gift ideas include: iTunes gift certificate, ebay gift certificates, or just donate to my paypal account by clicking on the button to your right. All of those are instantly delivered to me, and will help me kill some time in Tucson.


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