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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Wheels in My Head Keep on Turnin

A couple of weeks ago we were all riding in the car, when Rylie brought us face to face with a dreaded parental moment: Death.

Rylie: Is your grandpa still dead?

Currie, looking at me like what the hell am I going to say: Yes, once your dead your always dead?

Rylie: How come?

Currie glared at me like answer her, jackass, that's what Dad's are for.

Me: Well, once you go to heaven and see Jesus, it's so great that you never want to come back.

The wheels in Rylie's head were turning, making an audible click, click, click. I looked at Currie as if to say God, I hope she buys that.

Rylie: Can we stop for ice cream?



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