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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Terribly sorry that we haven't posted in several days. Our computer was in the shop (the Apple shop in Anaheim) and we just got it back. I try to bring everyone up to speed with the events of the last week or so:

Work is winding down (tomorrow is my last day), and things are starting to get pretty surreal. The funny thing is that everyone is either jealous or excited for me, more like a commuted sentence then a job transition. I had a lot of fun over the past few days completing the written portion of my exit interview, and expect the oral portion to be equally fun tomorrow.

The kids are good, not much has changed with them in the last week. The weather here is beautiful, and the kids spend some time each day in the outdoors. I spied Rylie's two piece swim suit drying out on the patio; once I get a picture of her in it I'll post it.

One humorous thing did happen the other day. Brice had the good/bad fortune of supervising the children's first experience with death. He was babysitting and they were on a walk in our neighborhood when they came upon a squirrel squished by a Sequoia. Rylie seems to have inherited her mothers morbid curiosity and asked her uncle all about the poor creature, insisted Currie take her on the same route the next day, and told me ALL about it when I got home. I don't think Parker quite grasped the whole thing, but 'dead' is now a part of their vocabulary.

That's all I got. Pics and stories coming soon.


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